Just an Italian Dreamer in the US 

Ciao 👋

I'm a digital product designer from Italy, recently graduated from the School of the Art Insitute of Chicago (SAIC).

    My interest in both the physical and digital worlds led me to explore how immersive technologies, specifically Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), shape human behaviors and are ethically (mis)used by large Corporations.

    My design practice, tends to fall within traditional boundaries of industrial design (sketching, prototyping) when I need to unveil a new interaction with an object or a digital entity and seems to be more research-focused when too many subjects outside the design field (engineering, philosophy, science, marketing) overlap with each other. Both approaches are taken with acute attention to achieving business-oriented outcomes.

Resumè (PDF)   Sample of Works (PDF)   

Presenting Omnia at the AWE Event in Santa Clara, CA (Silicon Valley). AWE is the major AR/VR Event in the World.

If you want to chat, grab coffee, talk about Web3 or Immersive tech in the Startup world. Drop me a line or connect with me on social below 👇

I also offer consultations on all things related to: 

- Design (digital, UI/UX, graphics)
- Startups (MVP, Go-to-market & doing things that don’t scale)
- Metaverse & Immersive technologies (AR, VR, XR) 
- Web3 (incentives programs)

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