Generative AI text/image-to-3D | Software development, UI/UX, Landing Page design

Apr 2023 - Ongoing  
Company Description: Omnia is a marketplace bringing together Augmented Reality (AR) Creators and Business clients in a non-UpWork fashion, with an added social media twist to it.

Description of the tool: This tool would allow anyone to generate a 3D model using text or an image as prompts, and preview it in Augmented Reality (AR) in anyone’s space.

🚫 No need to use Rhinoceros, Photogrammetry, Solidworks, Autocad etc.

✅ Make 3D Models in seconds not days or weeks

Business goal achieved: increase in conversion rates (sign-ups) of around 450%

Link to try the tool:

Landing Page Design

URL for landing page: (COMING SOON)