Trajektory Dashboard Design in Tableu w. Branding guidelines, Material Design & Data Visualization

Oct 2020

Role: Digital Product Designer
Team: Marketing
Reported to: CEO, VP of Marketing
Client: Trajektory, B2B Data Sports Company based in Chicago, IL, USA.

What is Trajektory? 
Trajektory is an innovative data insights and valuation technology start-up with a unique take on how to leverage and value data throughout sports assets.

        General Problems of old design: 
- Too many KPIs in several pages at once
- Lack of description of what the single sections are
- Lack of design consistency across different dashboards

    Things they got right: 
- Use of colors (the diagrams referred to a specific asset and the asset have the same color palette)

Things to do:
- Change structure (overall)
- See which data viz diagrams can change (individual)
- Apply new visual design guidelines to it and create a new brand guideline document

Old Design - Insights Dashboard

New Design - Insights Dashboard version(s)

Old Design - Brand Asset Dashboard

New Design - Brand Asset Dashboard 

Old Design - Social Media Dashboard

New Design - Social Media Dashboard

Old Design - Single Asset Reporting 

New Design - Single Asset Reporting

Old Design - Scorecards

New Design - Scorecards

Old Design - Market Intelligence

New Design - Market Intelligence

Active / Inactive Buttons Status

Inactive Option 1

Inactive Option 2

Branding Guideline