Virtual Reality (VR) Gallery with ARtworks

Oct 2022 - Dec 2022

        A curated space for fashion designers and artists to show their works. When the VR Experience is streamed live on the screen users can scan the QR Codes of the artworks and see them in their space. Just try it!

Device and Programs Used: Oculus Rift II, Unity, Rhinoceros

Artists in the VR Experience: Joaquin Laso (Ecuadorian Artist based in the US) & Jeremy Immordino (French Artist based in Europe)

Additions to the scene:

  • Custom Scanned Shoes
  • Room with reverb zone
  • Audio Source in the Environment with Oculus Spatializer Plugin
  • Animated Hands with grabbable effect
  • Grabbable Shoes
  • Hotspots with teleport areas
  • Free Joystick Movement with Snap Turn functionality
  • Custom script in C# - enemy follows player using UnityEngine.AI
  • Global Volume added to the scene for volumetric lighting

Scanned Shoes using Polycam and polished in Rhinocoeros in .obj format

Different Enemy follows players C# Scripts

Animated Hand Script w. Animator

Teleportation area(s)

UI Interface on Layer 1