Digital Design

Peanut Brothers, LLC | Branding, Marketing Strategy, Online Platform Design
June 2023 - August 2023

Generative AI text/image-to-3D | Software development, UI/UX, Landing Page design
Apr, 2023 - Ongoing

Omnia UI/UX Design System - Branding | Web3, AR/VR
Nov 2022 - Ongoing

Virtual Reality (VR) Gallery with ARtworks
Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 

Voice User Interface (VUI) Case Study
Dec 2020

Risograph Digital Layout & Print - What is Modernism? / Cos’è il Modernismo? | ENG - ITA
Dec 2021

Trajektory Dashboard Design in Tableu w. Branding guidelines, Material Design & Data Visualization
Oct 2020

University of Chicago Computer Science Dept. Collaboration - Big Data Installation
Dec 2021

Improving the renting experience for International Students in the US using HCD and Design Thinking 
Dec 2020

Holoburger Hologram
Dec 2021


Physical Design

Aug 2019 - Ongoing
         Wearable Device Design for Augmented Reality (AR) Purposes - The Airpods for AR | Industrial Design, Design for emerging technologies, Design for manufacturing, CMF Study.

May 2020
         Smart Speaker redesign based on Iconic Italian DesignsDesigners references: Ettore Sottsass, Marco Zanuso, Richard Sapper, Achille Castiglioni | Industrial Design, CMF Study.

A designed product has to look beautiful from a designer’s perspective but it has to just make sense for the person that is going to use it

March 2019
        Smart Desk LampIndustrial Design, User Research, Design for manufacturing - rethinking the modern lamp.

July 2019
        Smart LockIndustrial Design, Interface Design, Packaging Design, Branding, Icon Design, Design System — it’s not just a door handle, it’s a smart lock system. 

April 2019
        Teresa ChairA’ Design AWARD Winner. Como, Italy | Furniture Design — another chair but designed by me.

I’m the artist among engineers and the engineer among artists

April 2020
        Smart Speaker Case Study — Design reference: Amazon Echo Plus | Design for manufacturing — If I wanted to redesign a smart speaker (here), I needed to study an existing one.

September 2018 - April 2018
        Macintosh Classic II Engineering StudyTechnical Drawing — Choosing an iconic technology object, disassembling it, and redrawing it using Renaissance-inspired techniques.

May 2019
        Jimmy. WatchIndustrial Design, Interface Design, Branding, Advertising, CMF Study — It’s not Apple inspired, it’s inspired by my Design Professor, Jimmy.

February - June 2018
        Tavolinetto ArigatòFurniture Design — A designed table with Japanese joinery, and a project initially developed at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm (HfG Ulm).